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Tank profilling/mapping

KTV GROUP Nigeria applies the T- type Sludge Mapping system to profile any kind of tank, pontoon and pits as well as vessels. The system is dynamic, safe and easy to operate.

The patented T-Type Acoustic Inspection System measures the volume and topology of sludge sediments in the bottom of liquid storage tanks (e.g. crude oil).

The system includes an ATEX certified tool that is inserted into the tank through a suitable access hole in the roof until fully submerged in the liquid. The end of the tool has an angled phased array that produces acoustic beams to scan a sector of the tank floor and wall.

The PC based data acquisition produces a 3D display of the sediment layer and calculates the volume of sediment using the known geometry of the tank. Sector data from multiple entry points can be combined to give 100% coverage of the tank floor.

On smaller tanks (<40m diameter) the entire tank bottom can be scanned from a single position. But on larger tanks  (40m < 120m diameter) the scans from several entries are merged to give a composite image of the distribution and a sludge volume of the entire tank.

With our ’EDGE’, there is no more the high risk manual contour or mapping system – it is extremely safe and scientific, giving you the clear picture of the content of your tank so that you can make the right estimations and costing.

We can render this service as part of the complete Tank cleaning package and also as independent services.



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