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Tank desludging/cleaning/oil recovery specialist

Our automated tank cleaning system de sludge, recovers oil, and clean tanks in a single closed looped system in the safest and most environmentally friendly way available and possible. Whether your Tank/Vessel stores refined crude product (Heavy Fuel Oil) and (Heavy Gas Oil) or the harsh and difficult- to- handle Bottom Sludge sediment, SlOP OIL; our unique systems will from start to finish deliver quality cleaning of your tanks at a cost effective and safest possible manner.

KTV Group Nigeria tank cleaning and oil recovery system is a compact package comprising of high tech Robotic Remote control units (SLUDGE PUMPING), Acoustic Beam based mapping/contour calculating system and a dynamic explosive and hazardous gas management system-(NitroGEN), an on – site nitrogen generator system for hazardous gas trapping or blanketing. With our package, we provide a no-man entry solution to all aspects of tank cleaning operations thereby magnifying safety, making it most cost effective for you and we deliver this quality on time.

We are equipped and experienced in cleaning any size and capacity of tanks, vessels; all types of tanks (fixed and floating roof) with complex internal configurations, whether on shore or off shore. With our package, it is easier, faster and safer for you to carry out your oil tank, vessel, pontoon, lagoon, fpso cleaning and oil recovery processes. Our personnel are highly trained, experienced and seasoned specialist in automated/ robotic tank cleaning. They are also experts in confined space operations and safety.


KTV Group Nigeria has a team with years of experience working with tank installations – offshore, ships and rigs and onshore facilities like tank farms. Our cleaning robots carry out No Entry cleaning on both small and large tanks.

We have extensive experience in cleaning large-volume crude tanks, crude product tanks, ships, lagoons, pontoons, fpso, skips etc. We also collaborate with several high standard partners to carry out No Entry cleaning, recycling and waste treatment.

Our tank profiling equipment, estimates the precise quantity and volume of sludge in the tank and provide sufficient information about the cleaning operation ahead of start off. Our BlueTag QA system allows us to cooperate with customers to find the best options where environmental factors, cost, safety and quality are concerned.


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