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Specialists in tank cleaning/inspection

The KTV Group core service is tank cleaning and related services. We specialize in tank cleaning and related services – offshore, on ships and rigs and at onshore facilities. We are reliable and dependable. We clean crude wash or processing tanks no matter the internal configurations; FPSO,

Tank cleaning involves finding cleaning methods that limit environmental impact and making work safe for operators – at the lowest cost possible. Planning and time to prepare are a very important part of that process. Our BlueTag quality assurance system provides us with expertise and competence from around the world. It allows us to examine projects together to find the best solutions possible where environment, cost, safety and quality are concerned.

Our high pressure cleaning robots carry out No Entry cleaning on  tanks.


Our “Edge” services are uniquely cut-out and specialized tank cleaning related services that we have developed in collaboration with our world class technical partners to a

stand-alone turn- key solutions in automated and safe tank cleaning support operations

using the state- of- the- art technology based approach. We deploy them any time we embark on a project.

They include:

  • Tank mapping/profiling
  • Tank and confined space gas monitoring
  • Tank and confined space dangerous gas management (gas blanketing)
  • On Site Nitrogen Generation/Supply
  • Cold tapping.

No Entry process using robotics

Robots can be controlled remotely without any humans entering a tank

– Doing the job without scaffolding.
– The implementation process is reduced by 35%
– 15-20% less water savings
– NDT measurements can be done while washing.
– Can operate under water
– Can provide up to 3000 bar pressure
– Can be equipped with a vacuum for collection and filtration

Our robots can perform tasks like cleaning structures without needing scaffolds or lifts. The robots are able to climb steel structures using magnets and run at high-pressure (up to 3000 bar). They can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The robots are the result of many years of R&D and is especially suited for cleaning tanks, ships and rigs. The robots are remote-controlled so tanks are cleaned from the outside, so-called No Entry systems.

At land-based tank installations the robot is able to solve complicated cleaning tasks without scaffolds, reducing the need for personnel to enter such installations by approximately 65%. The robots are remote-controlled and is effective and fast. It can navigate on curves and works perfectly upside down. The robots can be programmed to run automatically for optimal efficiency, which reduces the overall process by approximately 35%. There are also environmental benefits. These devices reduce water use by approximately 15-20%.

Acoustic tank inspection system

The acoustic tank inspection system measures sludge volume and topology sediments at the bottom of crude oil storage tanks. Manual method of estimating sludge volumes utilizes dips ticks or gauging rods to take measurements at only a few points in the tank. This results in inaccurate sludge volume measurements because the  real distribution is unknown. Our system solves this problem by taking precise readings for calculating sludge volume in the tank while it is in operation.


Safe, effective and cost-saving

Specially trained personnel and collaborative partners with approved tank installations/waste reception systems will facilitate safe and cost-effective work.
We cooperate with our customers to set specific times and locations for our work.

Onshore and offshore tank clean services

The KTV Group cleans tanks onshore and offshore. We are experts at finding solutions for common challenges where heights and cleaning methods are concerned. We clean diesel tanks, crude tanks, ballast tanks, drill water, chain wells and product tanks – dry and wet. We also have extensive experience cleaning thruster rooms/pump rooms, mud pump rooms, engine rooms, generator rooms and removing marine growth.

Tank farms installations The KTV Group has years of experience cleaning land-based tank installation. Our personnel are  experienced in automated cleaning with No-Entry systems..

Different types of tanks

We have extensive experience  and expertise in cleaning large-volume tanks for ships, offshore and onshore. We also treat tanks for so-called diesel bugs, and we carry out tank classification.

Monitoring air quality using AQ MONITOR

AQ MONITOR provides 24-hour measurement and monitoring of air quality inside tanks and enclosed spaces. The customer can access these measurements/documentation in real time from their own webpage. Personnel working in monitored environments can feel 100 % safe when this system is in use.

– Individualized monitors are unnecessary.
– The system also measures gases from solvents and flame cutters.
– Costs are reduced.
– Complete measurement data history is available for all hours and days.
– The sensors can be adapted to the customer’s needs.
– All measurements are available in real-time, online.

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