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Tank and confined space lighting for hazardous locations

Confined spaces represent some of the most dangerous work places in commercial industries. Because of their enclosed nature, confined spaces are poorly ventilated and allow volatile gases, fumes, vapors and particulates to accumulate and increase in atmospheric density to potentially explosive levels. Confined spaces represent a hazardous work.

Lighting the interior of confined area workspaces is almost always necessary a requirement and any lighting equipment used must be rated explosion proof by a recognized authority such as Underwriters Laboratories.

Portable lighting, personal work lights and commercial tank lights all must meet with OSHA guidelines for use in hazardous locations when used in confined work spaces where volatile compounds may be present. Certain lamps are specifically designed to meet the requirements set forth by regulatory agencies for explosion proof lighting and are appropriate for use in locations like confined spaces where volatile compounds may be present.

KTV Group deploys these specialized apparatus in its cleaning operations. Our personnel can install, operate and maintained our intrinsic lighting system in any common confined space. We also provide this service as a separate unit.


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