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Tank and confined space dangerous gas management (gas blanketing)

Degassing a tank to a safe working level , where the LEL and O2 content is acceptable for a safe confined space work permit can take time, we avoid that completely by adopting the GAS BLANKETING system.

The system involves trapping or blanketing the entire tank with an inert gas, Nitrogen, from the beginning to the end of the project . Simply put, we can move in and start to de- sludge your tank the moment you ‘blind’ the tank for us to commence work.

The best part of our GAS BLANKETING system is that we generate the gas on the site using our NitroGEN system. It is cheap, safe, time saving, environmentally friendly, and simple to handle.

When we take up your project, we adopt this as a part of our complete tank cleaning package. We can also render this unique service as an independent service. Whichever ways you bring us in, we deliver quality service on time and help you save your overall project time and cost in a very safe and efficient way.


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