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Ship / vessel cleaning services

The KTV Group uses the best technology available to clean tanks, pipes, engine rooms and to remove marine growth in ships, vessels and FPSO. We are experts in nano coating and corrosion protection.

Our robots can operate above and under water to perform tasks like inspections, cleaning and NDT.

Our quality control system includes a project management tool that allows our customers to monitor projects in real-time with updated images and reports as work progresses.

We collaborate with our partners to provide a long term maintenance service contract for specific areas of a ships and vessels. This is done at home and abroad, and even while a facility is in operation.

The key to a cost-effective maintenance lies in planning. The KTV Group uses a unique tool, to assure a high level of quality for the execution and completion of all our work.
We offer assistance in all fields of ship maintenance, focusing on cleaning, surface treatment and condition assessment.

We also do the following on ships, vessels and FPSO : Tank cleaning ,Cleaning, Gas measuring, NDT, Robotics, Ventilation cleaning ,long term Maintenance contracts, Surface treatment, marine growth Removal etc.

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