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KTV Group deploys robots in its tank and pipe cleaning operations

We works actively to incorporate new technologies into our work. Robots and robotics are an essential element of our development. We have robots that can climb steel structures and perform cleaning in storage tanks, inspection and surface treatment operations on pipes.

Soon, we deploy robots to be operated in real-time from a web-based platform.

We see this as the future of cleaning and surface treatment. Our goal is to allow an operator to run his robots from a control rooms and eliminate demanding EHS operations. Our BlueTag quality assurance system logs all documentation, images and videos – and the operations can be monitored in real-time on a web-based platform.

The robots are built in ATEX versions that can operate under water.

The robots can carry 100kg and provide 3000 bar of pressure.

– Robots can be controlled remotely without humans entering tanks.

Cleaning robots can perform tasks like washing down steel structures without the use of scaffolds or lifts. The robot is able to climb steel structures using magnets and run at high-pressure (up to 3000 bar).

It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The robot is the result of many years of R&D and is especially suited for cleaning tanks, ships and rigs. The robot is also used to remove surface coatings.

The robot is remote-controlled so tanks are cleaned from the outside, so-called No Entry systems.

Various robots are available

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Images of the different robots available


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