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Research & Development at the KTV Group

The KTV Group focuses on development. We are constantly analyzing the market and looking for great input and inspiration from around the world.

We lead the world in development within our industry with a focus on quality, environment and health.
Our management team takes part in development and considers it the most important step in winning new customers and market areas.

We collaborate extensively with our partners at home and abroad, and our suppliers.


Ongoing R&D projects

Sludge robot

The sludge robot should be able to remove sludge from tanks, without creating gases.

The robot will remove sludge in a controlled manner and pump it out in huge amounts.

Each robot should have a removal capacity of approximately 10m3/hour.

The project will be completed by the end of 2016.

Cleaning robot for mud skips


We have been working to develop a fully automatic solution for cleaning mud skips since the beginning of 2014. So far we have been able to solve 50% of this task with automatic flushing and cleaning processes.

The final part of the project is to achieve 100% automated cleaning.

The main goals of this project are:

– To reduce customer costs by 25%
– Reduce water consumption by 50%
– Reduce HSE aspects for operators by 80%.

We have managed to reach all of these goals, except for 40% of the HSE load.

We feel certain we will succeed with our goals by the end of 2015.

Interior robot cleaning


The KTV Group is working actively to develop ways to clean the inside of buildings using robots. We are working on a project to develop robots that can clean insides on a daily basis.

Testing began on this project in mid 2014 and we have already seen very satisfactory results.

Further work will involve testing by our customers in the early months of 2015.

The main goal of the project is to provide our customers with a full-package solution that reduces costs by 30% and increases quality by 100%.



Completed  //  AQ Monitor


AQ MONITOR provides 24-hour measurement and monitoring of air quality inside tanks and enclosed spaces. The customer can access these measurements/documentation in real time from their own webpage. The new regulations set by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority include even more stringent requirements that make the executing company or safety officer liable for non-compliance.

AQ MONITOR solves all these challenges. Personnel working in monitored environments can feel 100 % safe when this system is in use.

– Individualized monitors are unnecessary.
– The system also measures gases from solvents and flame cutters.
– Costs are reduced.
– Complete measurement data history is available for all hours and days.
– The sensors can be adapted to the customer’s needs.
– All measurements are available in real-time, online.

Completed  //  Freshcom – Fresh air mask


For many decades personnel have been exposed to risk associated with working in tanks. Fortunately, it has lately become more and more common to use fresh air and filter masks when working in such environments.

Visual vigilance is the final element of safety but up to now this problem has not been addressed properly. That is why we are proud to introduce our Freshcom solution.

The KTV Group has in recent years developed a fresh air mask that solves all the challenges to visual security and safety – Fresh air, video transfer capability, communication, an integrated light and eye protection.

Our expertise in working inside tanks played an important role in the development of Freshcom. The mask not only solves various HSE problems. It is also very practical for personnel working in noisy surroundings and allows them to communicate directly with operations personnel, duty watch and others if necessary.

Live video feed from the mask/video image and recording during an assignment can also be used as documentation when necessary.

The benefits of Freshcom:

– Fresh air
– Video feed using a camera inside the mask
– Two-way communication from inside the mask
– Integrated lighting
– Eye protection

Completed  //  No Entry using robot

– Robots can be controlled remotely without humans entering tanks.
– Doing the job without scaffolding.
– The implementation process is reduced by 35%
– 15-20% less water savings
– NDT Measurements can be done while washing.
– Can operate under water
– Can be operated via web/satellite
– Can provide up to 3000 bar pressure
– Can be equipped with a vacuum for collection and filtration

Cleaning robots can perform tasks like washing down steel structures without the use of scaffolds or lifts. The robot is able to climb steel structures using magnets and run at high-pressure (up to 3000 bar). It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The robot is the result of many years of R&D and is especially suited for cleaning tanks, ships and rigs. The robot is also used to remove surface coatings.

The robot is remote-controlled so tanks are cleaned from the outside, so-called No Entry systems.

At land-based tank installations the robot is able to solve complicated cleaning tasks without scaffolds, reducing the need for personnel to enter such installations by approximately 65%. The robot is remote-controlled and is effective and fast. It can navigate on curves and works perfectly upside down. The robots can be programmed to run automatically for optimal efficiency, which reduces the overall process by approximately 35%. There are also environmental benefits. These devices reduce water use by approximately 15-20%.

The KTV Group is also working to improve the robot to operate under water using the same principles.

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