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Pipe cleaning, inspection & flushing

The KTV Group uses the best equipment on the market to flush, clean and inspect pipes of all types and sizes.

KTV Group in collaboration with it partners, has the technology, equipment and capability to deal with all pipe dimensions. We own a number of mobile cleaning units capable of flushing with hot and cold water, at pressures from 300 to 800 bar. We also do inspections, using robots, and we provide quality assurance at all levels of our work that includes videos and images.

We have developed special robots that can work in the largest pipe dimensions, above or under water, at great distances stretching many kilometers. Our pipe department has extensive experience with blocked pipes of all sizes.. Aqua milling is also one of the technologies we use. It has proven to be quite effective removing scale accumulations in pipes.

We also do cleaning of pipes, surface treatment, inspections and pipe lining/renewal.


Pipe lining and renewal

Pipe lining and renewal is an acknowledged method that is often more affordable than replacing pipes. Every pipe has an expiration date, so it is important to stay one step ahead of problems and be able to plan renewal..Waiting too long will lead to more damage and higher costs, and it is important to remember that insurance does not always cover damages if maintenance was lacking.

The KTV Group collaborates with a number of suppliers to service the oil and gas offshore and onshore sector in this aspect. Our technology has a guarantee lasting many years. All pipes can be lined / renovated, no matter how big or small.

Our R&D department is always working to create ways to improve in our technology for pipe related maintenance services.

Our commitment to value creation informs our long and short term maintenance contract program in pipe cleaning, flushing and inspection. We offer our maintenance contract at a predictable annual cost, and the responsibility for execution and external influences rests on KTV’s shoulders.

Our special quality control system allows customers to monitor the project from their own web link in our project management website, in which all documentation on a project can be found

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