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Mud handling and skip cleaning

As part of our core business, we undertake the cleaning of crude and mud waste containers and skips. We also handle the evacuation and safe disposal of water based mud from production wells. Whether the mud are on offshore or onshore drilling locations, we have the suitable equipment and experienced personnel to deliver quality service in management of water based mud.

We have developed together with our partners, our own techniques and automated high-pressure machines to solve and guarantee safe and effective waste handling in skips and containers cleaning. Our mud handling equipment comprises of a portable self driven hydraulically powered submersible pump of over 3000 psi and capable of handling debris of over 30mm. We offer everything at a predictable and reasonable cost.

The KTV Group uses BlueTag Software as its QA system, providing our customers with extensive real-time documentation management and making it totally easy for you to monitor the progress of the project.

All our projects are subject to the highest level of quality control where personnel and equipment are concerned.

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