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Industrial cleaning

KTV Group Nigeria offers specialized expertise in industrial cleaning services. Using latest and most effective technology. We adopt smart systems that are designed to handle even the most portable industrial units (on/off shore). Our portable power -packed pump system can be used effectively for water base mud cleaning on even the smallest drilling rigs and platforms at deep sea. This ensures correct execution of projects at the right price and at the highest level of quality.

We are experts in all pressure classes for high-pressure cleaning; we utilize cleaning robots that can climb steel structures and handle surface treatment.

Our Blue Tag project management system makes it possible to plan and manage projects in a unique manner. This allows us to safeguard and attend to all processes in a cost-effective way.

A broad range of expertise in all fields combined with good managerial processes provides predictability in maintenance tasks while operations are sustained at all types of industrial installations.

Very minimal personnel, (2-5) can successfully handle and deliver effective quality service in our industrial cleaning division. Whatever your industrial cleaning needs may be, our high pressure cleaning and blasting system will handle it in the most cost effective and safest way. We deliver quality on time in all projects we undertake.

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